Add text to a page

  1. On the Home tab, in the Tools group, click Text Button image.
  2. Click anywhere on the page, or click and drag to create a text box that is the size that you want.
  3. Type your text.
  4. Repeat these steps for all the text that you want to add.
  5. To return to normal editing, on the Home tab, in the Tools group, click the Pointer Tool Button image.

 Tip    To move or resize the text boxes, using the Pointer Tool, click on the text to show the text box sizing handles, and then drag the sizing handles. Also, when the text box is selected, you can use the commands on the Home tab, in the Font group, to change the appearance of the text. You can also edit the text box as you would a shape, by for example, adding fill or line colors, or effects.

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Visio 2013, Visio Professional 2013