What's new for Training on Office Online?

Training fans, read this to find out what's new on the site you've seen so often.Office Online Training course with large picture and unified control bar

Callout 1 Rich visuals help you learn by seeing.
Callout 2 An all-in-one control lets you listen, drive, and know where you're going.

We've made the pictures bigger. All the new courses talk to you. And with the 2007 Microsoft Office system coming soon to a computer near you, we've got special new courses ready to help you get up to speed in no time.

Wide screen

Open a page in a training course, and you'll see a picture you can study in detail. The 2007 Office release is richly visual, so training is too.

Sound effectiveness

While you enjoy that view, get the full story aloud. New courses have audio on almost every page now, because that's what you asked for.

Control freak?

Here's nice new equipment: everything you need on one control. Turn the audio on, off, up, or down. As you move through the course, the progress bar shows how much you've done and how much is ahead.

Get ready for 2007 now

The 2007 Office system has efficient new ways to do all your usual tasks. To get back to work fast, try a couple of our "Up to speed" courses. They'll take you right into the future. On the Training home page, under Browse 2007 Office System Courses, click the name of the program you want.

All previous courses remain

Training is here for you. Your favorite Office 2003 training courses are still available and will continue to be available, just as before. Look for these on the Training home page, under Browse Office 2003 Courses.

Have a look

New too is the Training home page. It's got a fresh design, including a navigation pane on the left side that's full of links to more information and services. And there's a link you can use to send us your comments. Please tell us what you think. We'd really like to hear from you. And keep visiting, because we'll publish new 2007 Office system courses every month.