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Training: Create and customize pages on your public website
O'rgatish Your public website in Office 365 includes web pages that you can customize by adding your own page content, including text, images, video, apps, and so on. Thi...
SharePoint Online Website
Use query criteria in Access 2013
O'rgatish Use query criteria to filter your Access data. Learn how to add criteria to queries, use AND and OR logic, logical operators such as IN and BETWEEN, and wildcar...
Access 2013
Collapsible headings
O'rgatish Collapsed headings (headers) become something like a table of contents, allowing you to quickly browse through the document with body text out of the way.
Word 2013
Top tips for working in Excel Online
O'rgatish Use Excel Online to change the formatting of numbers and text to help make your information stand out. And see 3 ways to quickly add numbers, too.
Excel Online
Advanced tables of contents
O'rgatish Learn how to create the ultimate custom automatic table of contents, in which you have complete control over your TOC.
Word 2013
Add headers and footers to a presentation
O'rgatish Looking to change or delete the information in the footers or headers on your slides? Follow the steps in this brief video training course.
PowerPoint 2013
Crop a picture to fit a shape
O'rgatish Use the crop tools in PowerPoint to trim and remove unwanted portions of pictures, or to crop a picture to fit a shape.
PowerPoint 2013
Resumes in Word
O'rgatish How to format resumes in Microsoft Office Word with and without templates
Word 2013
Track changes
O'rgatish Track who changes what and where in your document with revision markup. You can accept or reject changes all at once or one at a time.
Word 2013
Understand and use cell references
O'rgatish Create a cell reference to cells on the same worksheet. A cell reference is a cell or cell range on a worksheet that can be used in an Excel formula.
Excel 2013
Use AutoFill and Flash Fill
O'rgatish Automatically fill data in your worksheet, like dates, numbers, text, and formulas. And Flash Fill recognizes patterns in your data and fills out the rest for y...
Excel 2013
Work with macros
O'rgatish In Excel, to automate a repetitive task, you can use the macro recorder to quickly record the steps in a macro, then do the task again with a single click.
Excel 2013
Take conditional formatting to the next level
O'rgatish Apply conditional formatting to specific cells, tables, PivotTables, and worksheets, and use formulas as the basis of a conditional formatting rule.
Excel 2013
Reach out with contact groups (distribution lists)
O'rgatish Contact groups, formerly called distribution lists, are a fast way to send a message to multiple e-mail recipients, especially groups you repeatedly contact.
Outlook 2013
Add and use contacts
O'rgatish Organize and keep track of people you know with Outlook contacts, which work like a personal address book.
Outlook 2013
Highlight text and change fonts
O'rgatish Highlight text, user your mouse as a laser pointer when presenting, and change fonts in part or all of your PowerPoint 2013 presentation.
PowerPoint 2013
Average a group of numbers
O'rgatish Average a group of numbers by clicking the AutoSum button, or use the AVERAGE and AVERAGEIF functions in formulas. Use the SUMPRODUCT and SUM functions to find ...
Excel 2013
Add or subtract time
O'rgatish Use simple formuls to add two different times together to get a total, and subtract one time from another to get the total time spent working on a project.
Excel 2013
Manage user accounts in Office 365
O'rgatish Learn how to add users, update user information, and transfer and buy licenses.
Office 365 Small Business admin
Dealing with read-only queries
O'rgatish Query data can be read-only for several reasons, and this course explains the common causes and fixes, plus links to more information.
Access 2013
Insert a bar chart
O'rgatish Quickly add a bar chart to your presentation, and see how to arrange the data to get the result you want. Customize chart elements, apply a chart style and colo...
PowerPoint 2013
Design motion paths
O'rgatish Animation effects that move items, like pictures, on a line you specify are called motion paths. Take this course to learn how to create a motion path animation...
PowerPoint 2013
Use Instant Search to find contacts
O'rgatish Use Instant Search to find people in your personal contact lists fast, and learn about scope and more ways to refine your search.
Outlook 2013
Password protect your mailbox
O'rgatish With passwords, multiple people can password-protect their email on one shared computer. There are two scenarios: sharing at work/home, and sharing a public com...
Outlook 2013
Use Instant Search to find Calendar items
O'rgatish Use Instant Search to find things in your Outlook Calendar fast, and learn about scope and more ways to refine your search.
Outlook 2013
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