Save time by creating and running macros in Excel 2010
O'rgatish In this training, you'll learn how to record, run, and edit a macro, and how to save a macro to your personal macro workbook so you can reuse it later.
Excel 2010
How to create a basic chart in Excel 2010
O'rgatish Learn how to create a chart and how to make changes to a chart after you create it.
Excel 2010
Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts I: CTRL key shortcuts
O'rgatish Learn Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts. Learn CTRL key shortcuts that let you do everything from selecting and editing cells, to inserting cells, rows, and columns...
Excel 2010
The IF function: what it is, and how to use it
O'rgatish The IF function checks to see if a condition you specify is true or false. If true, one thing happens; if false, something else happens.
Excel 2010
Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts II: ALT key shortcuts
O'rgatish Learn how to use ALT key shortcuts that let you access almost any command in Excel 2010. These keyboard shortcuts are also called access keys, and they are hand...
Excel 2010
VLOOKUP: What it is, and when to use it
O'rgatish You may have heard of the VLOOKUP function, and you may have heard reasons why you should use it. But what does it do, exactly? In this training course, get han...
Excel 2010
Use Excel tables to manage information
O'rgatish Learn how to use Excel tables to sort and filter data, get special table formatting, and see table formulas auto fill.
Excel 2010
Plan payments and savings in Excel 2010
O'rgatish Learn how to use financial functions in Excel formulas to figure out payments and savings
Excel 2010
Understand data at a glance with conditional formatting
O'rgatish Have you heard about conditional formatting? Get hands-on practice using conditional formatting to make data stand out.
Excel 2010
Sparklines: Use tiny charts to show data trends
O'rgatish Overview As you look at rows and rows of data, sometimes it’s hard to immediately make sense of it. Add tiny charts called sparklines next to data to give rea...
Excel 2010
Office 2010 Security: Protecting your files
O'rgatish In Microsoft Office 2010, when files open, Message Bars can alert you to useful information and potential problems with your files. Security Message Bars provid...
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