See your calendars, contacts, or tasks

Outlook is more than just an email program. You can also manage your calendar, contacts, tasks, or notes. The new Navigation Bar (Navigation Bar: Commands at the bottom of the Outlook window that enable you to quickly navigate to Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks.) in Outlook 2013 is how you switch between the different views.

Outlook 2013 Navigation Bar

  • Click the view you want to see.

The new Navigation Bar replaces the buttons that appeared at the bottom of the Navigation Pane in Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010.

When you start Outlook, the Mail view appears. The Navigation Bar displays four views—Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks. To see other views—Notes, Folders, and Shortcuts, click Navigation Options button on the Navigation Bar.

For more information on how to customize the Navigation Bar, see Change what appears on the Navigation Bar.

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