Use Excel Interactive View to explore table data

When you see an Excel Interactive View button near a table on a web page, click it.

Excel Interactive View button

You’ll be able to explore the table data with the powerful sorting features of Excel.

Excel Interactive View lets you interact with table data

Pick a filter to zero in on the information you’re interested in. Click a column header to sort the information from largest to smallest (or alphabetically, if the column is text), and click it again to switch the order.

Apply a filter in Excel Interactive View

Make it your own

To really get into the data, click Do More on the left, and then click Open in Excel Online.

Do More > Open in Excel Web App

The information opens as an Excel workbook that you can edit. For example, to see how much it will cost to buy all the items you’re interested in, use the AutoSum button at the bottom of a list of prices.

Price column summed in Excel Web App

 Tip    Delete rows or columns you’re not interested in. Apply currency formatting to a list of prices. Your changes don’t affect the table that the workbook is based on.

Take a snapshot of your customized table by printing it: Go to File > Print.

 Note    When you close Excel Online, you lose your customizations. Unless the web page author has provided a Download command in the interactive view, the only way to save your customizations is to print them. If you don’t have a printer handy, print the table to your OneNote notebook, XPS Document Writer, or a file.

For web page authors

If you publish tables on the web, add Excel Interactive View to your pages.

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