Edit PDF content in Word

With Word 2013, you can convert a PDF into a Word document and edit the content.

To convert a PDF, you open it like you would any other document.

  1. Click File > Open.
  2. Choose the location of the PDF and click Browse.
  3. Find the PDF and click Open.

The converted document might not have a perfect page-to-page correspondence with the original. For example, lines and pages may break at different locations. For more information, see Why does my PDF look different in Word?

 Tip    The conversion works best with mostly textual documents.

More Information

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a common format for sharing final versions of documents.

To learn about saving document as PDF, see Convert a document to PDF. To create and save PDF files when you use most Office 2007 programs, see 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS.

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