Set up and manage domains in Office 365 Enterprise and Office 365 Midsize Business

Office 365 creates a domain for you when you sign up with the services (the domain name includes But most companies would rather use their own domain, like, for their business email addresses and website.

Use these steps to get started with your custom domain in Office 365.

 Tip    If you have a large company and are planning a more complex setup for domains, such as a pilot with a shared domain or a hybrid deployment, use Office 365 FastTrack to get started.

Compare how domains work for different versions of Office 365 The options for working with domains differ between versions of Office 365. Check the domains options in different Office 365 subscriptions to make sure that you have the right subscription for your organization’s needs.

Set up your domain with Office 365

 Tip    An easy way to get started with your domain is to follow the setup steps in the portal. Go to Admin > Office 365, and in the left pane, click Setup.

Add your domain name to Office 365.

Watch the video (4:48)

If you want to use a SharePoint Online public website together with email and Lync, there are some extra steps to take.

Create user accounts that use your custom domain

Create accounts (user IDs) using the domain for people in your organization. Watch the video (2:54)

You can also add multiple users with a CSV file.

Set up email, SharePoint, and Lync by adding and updating DNS records (MX records, SRV records, and so on)

Create DNS records for Office 365 at your DNS hosting provider to set up email and SharePoint. Watch the video (3:29)

Plan to use Lync in Office 365? You’ll have to set up DNS records and domains for outgoing traffic for Lync Online.

Set up your public website with your domain on Office 365
  1. Customize the look and feel of your website:
  1. Set up your Office 365 website to use your domain name. When your website is ready to go live, share it with the world. See Rename your SharePoint Online Public Website address to use your custom domain, and enable your public website.
  2. Test your site with your domain. Make sure your site looks right and works properly by trying it out yourself.
Make changes to your domains setup You can change your default domain or remove your domain name from Office 365. Or you can add another domain to your account by repeating the steps in add your domain name.
Fix problems If you’re having issues after you set up your domain with Office 365 services, check out Troubleshoot issues after changing your domain name.

 Tip    Planning to use Project Online? Be sure to set up your custom domain first so that you don’t run into access issues.

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