PowerPoint 2007 training courses

A roadmap to PowerPoint 2007 training

 Note   Included here are training courses as well as videos. The courses include hands-on practice sessions, tests, and a printable Quick Reference Card.

1. Slide-show basics

Title Description
Up to speed with PowerPoint 2007 Do everyday tasks using the new version.
Create your first presentation Learn the steps to create a slide show, start to finish.
Create a basic presentation quickly See how to do basic tasks and reuse slides.

2. Picture basics

Title Description
Put your photos into PowerPoint See how easy and fun it is to put your digital photos into a slide show. Your travel pix, your animals, whatever!
Put your photos into PowerPoint All-video version of above course.
Select a picture (BrainStorm Inc.) Insert a picture from a file, move it, and size it.
Adjust a picture (BrainStorm Inc.) Brighten, add contrast to, and recolor pictures.
Add photos to an album (BrainStorm Inc.) Add a collection of photos for an instant photo slide show.

3. Use diagrams, charts, and tables

Title Description
Get visual with SmartArt graphics Create visual appeal out of text and other information.
Insert charts (BrainStorm Inc.) Copy an existing Excel chart into PowerPoint.
Select chart options (BrainStorm Inc.) Format a chart.
Use table options (BrainStorm Inc.) Insert a table onto a slide.
Choose table styles (BrainStorm Inc.) Make a table look good.

4. Add sound or narration

Title Description
Add sound effects to a presentation Insert and play a sound file across several slides; play a CD.
Record narration (BrainStorm Inc.) Add voice narration to your slide show.
Adjust recording quality (BrainStorm Inc.) Work with sound-quality settings for narration.

5. Insert movies

Title Description
Insert movies (BrainStorm Inc.) Put a movie file onto a slide.
Use movie options (BrainStorm Inc.) Set up how the movie plays, format how it looks

6. Use animation

Title Description
Add animation to text and objects Bring text or pictures onto slides with movement of all kinds.
Keep sane with the Selection Pane Use a selection tool to add animation to layered items.

7. Change slide design

Title Description
See how "themes" replace design templates See how to use themes to change the look of slides.
Personalize your slide design Get the nitty gritty on changing a theme to a specific design.
Discover the power of custom layouts Create a custom slide layout with a logo.

8. Reuse slides from a SharePoint library

Title Description
SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team Create a library of PowerPoint slides.
SharePoint slide libraries II: Use slides in the library Use the library to copy, edit, and update slides.

9. Prepare to present

Title Description
Create your first presentation Take these vital steps to prepare to present.
Add slide numbers and other footers to slides Position and format slide footers.
Add headers and footers to presentation handouts Work with handout headers and footers, such as page numbers.
Choose slide-show options (BrainStorm Inc.) Create a self-running show, select timings, and other things.
Distribute a PowerPoint presentation on CD Get details on packaging your presentation to a CD or folder.

10. More training resources

Title Description
Download PowerPoint versions of online courses Get training courses in a slide-show format.
More Office videos about PowerPoint 2007 See the full catalog of Microsoft Office videos.
More Brainstorm, Inc, videos about PowerPoint 2007 See the full catalog of videos from BrainStorm, Inc.

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Online training isn't just for PowerPoint 2007. It's also available for the entire 2007 Microsoft Office system. Check it out!

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