Apply conditional formatting to quickly analyze data

It can be hard to get a lot of meaning out of numbers in a worksheet. But Excel provides a bunch of ways to quickly analyze your data using conditional formatting. For example, you can use a color scale to differentiate high, medium, and low temperature values.

Data with a color scale conditional format

Here’s how you can quickly apply this type of formatting:

  1. Start by selecting your data. The Quick Analysis button appears on the lower-right corner of the selection.

Selected data with the Quick Analysis button

  1. Click the Quick Analysis button Quick Analysis button, or press Ctrl+Q.
  2. On the Formatting tab, move your mouse over the different options to see a Live Preview on your data, and then pick the formatting you like best.

Formatting tab in the Quick Analysis gallery


  • To remove any conditional formatting, click Clear Formatting in the Quick Analysis gallery.
  • For additional formatting options and colors, select your data, and then click Home > Conditional Formatting.

More about conditional formatting

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