Training for Word 2013

Training for Word 2013

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Are you looking for help on how to use Word? With this Vodeclic app, all our informative tutorials on this program are just a click away. Use the app's integrated search engine to get an instant solution to your problem, all without leaving your active window.

The Word 2013 Training app features 134 tutorials on the key Word 2013 tools and functionalities. They are organized as follows:

Getting to know the application
Inserting & editing text
Saving & manipulating documents
Formatting text
Using text styles
Formatting & shaping your document
Searching within a document
Creating a table in a document
Creating a diagram using shapes
Illustrating & enhancing your document
Creating a form
Publishing & sharing your documents
Working on a document with someone else
Configuring & customizing the application

This series of tutorials covers Microsoft Word 2013, the word processing application released as part of the New Office. This word processor can be used to create and format complex text documents. You can use paragraph styles, templates and document themes to change the appearance of your document. Word 2013 also includes a number of tools that can speed up the creation of reference items in your document, such as bibliographies, indexes and tables of contents. You can even create your own envelopes and labels and automatically insert addresses and contact details using the Mailing tools. If you have data that you want to include in your text document, you can create tables and charts. You can also make text stand out with a variety of different title tools and special effects. Some of the newest and most advanced features available in Word 2013 are the sharing and online storage options. You can save your files online using your SharePoint or SkyDrive storage spaces, making them accessible from any device with an internet connection. You can also edit them online, share them instantly with other users, and even work together on the same document.

A tutorial is a video lasting just a few minutes which demonstrates a particular tool or use (Inserting special characters, Inserting an equation, Using tab stops) and how to get the most out of it. Each Vodeclic tutorial is produced by a specialist subject trainer and adheres to a clearly defined learning method.

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