SharePoint Workspace 2010: An introduction

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How to create a SharePoint workspace

Do one of the following to take your work offline:

  • In a web browser, go the site you want to synchronize to a SharePoint workspace. Click Site Actions, click Sync to SharePoint Workspace.
  • In the SharePoint Workspace Launchbar, on the Home tab, click New, click SharePoint Workspace, select a SharePoint site from the list or enter a SharePoint site URL, and then click OK.

How to check out a document in a SharePoint workspace

  1. Click the Document Library that you want in the Content Pane of the workspace.
  2. Select one or more documents to check out.
  3. On the Home tab, in the SharePoint group, click Check Out.

How to manually synchronize a list or workspace with the server

  1. If you only want to synchronize a specific list, select the list in the Content pane of the workspace.
  2. On the Sync tab, click Sync, and then click Sync Tool.
    Click Sync Workspace to synchronize all lists in the workspace with the server.

Change how lists are sorted in the content pane

Do one of the following:

  • On the View tab, in the Sort group, click the Content menu and select an option.
  • Right-click in the title bar of the Content pane, click View Tools By, and then click the option you want.

How to resolve a conflict or error

  1. Select the item that indicates a conflict or error.
  2. On the Error Tools/Resolve tab, click Resolve Conflict or Error.
  3. Do one of the following, depending on the type of item:
  • If the item is a document, select Resolve options in the Upload Center.
  • If the item is a List item, select an option in the Resolve Conflict dialog box.

How to disconnect a list in a SharePoint workspace from the server

  1. In the Content pane, click the list that you want to disconnect from the server.
  2. On the Sync tab, click Change Sync Settings, and then click Disconnect <list name> from Server.

How to connect a list in a SharePoint workspace to the server

  1. Select the list in the Content pane. It will be listed under Available on Server.
  2. Click Connect <list name> to Server.
    If this option is not available, the list does not support synchronization to a SharePoint workspace.