What is Click-to-Run?

Click-to-Run is a new way of delivering and updating Microsoft Office to broadband customers using Microsoft virtualization and streaming technologies. Please read below about the benefits of Click-to-Run, as well as information you should know about a compatibility gap between Click-to-Run and some anti-malware solutions.

Benefits of Click-to-Run:

  1. Click-to-Run is fast, letting you download and use Office in minutes.
  2. People using Click-to-Run get product updates automatically, with no need to download or install patches.
  3. Click-to-Run makes trying Office 2010 easy – it can be used side-by-side with your current version of Office.
  4. Click-to-Run products take up about half the disk space of normal products.

How does Click-to-Run work?

Click-to-Run products use streaming. Think of this in the same way you think about streaming video. You get to watch the first part of the video before the entire file downloads. With Click-to-Run, you can start using Office before the entire suite or product has been downloaded. While you are using your application, the rest of Office is being downloaded quietly in the background.

Why does a “Q:” or “R:” appear for Click-to-Run on my computer?

With Click-to-Run, you may notice a virtual Q: drive (or R: in some systems) on your PC. The Q:/R: is not a real drive and is not accessible from Windows Explorer or “My Computer.” Click-to-Run products require the installation of a “virtual” file system on a logical drive, which is why you see Q:/R:.

Click-to-Run and anti-malware software compatibility.

The Q: drive implementation (or R: in some systems) is not yet completely compatible with some existing anti-malware solutions. Until all anti-malware vendors distribute versions of their software that are compatible with Microsoft virtualization technology, there may be a malware detection and/or remediation gap for users who have installed Office 2010 via Click-to-Run. For more information, read this Click-to-Run article.

What products use Click-to-Run?

Click-to-Run delivery is available for Office Home and Student 2010 and Office Home and Business 2010 when downloading direct from Microsoft, and is also used for Office Starter 2010.

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