Deliver and distribute your presentation

Now that your presentation is complete, what you do next depends on who delivers the presentation, where it is delivered, and what equipment is used:

  • Will the presentation be run on the computer on which it was created or on another computer, or will it be delivered via a CD or a network location?
  • If the presentation is given live, will you or someone else present it, or will it be self-running?

Click the titles of the articles below to learn more about how best to deliver and distribute your presentation.

Broadcast your presentation to a remote audience

Burn your slide show to a DVD

Create a self-running presentation

Create and print notes pages

Install and run PowerPoint Viewer 2010

Open or save a presentation in a different file format

Package a presentation for CD

Print your slides or handouts of your presentation

Publish your presentation to the Web

Record and time narration and pointer movements in a presentation

Send PowerPoint handouts to Word for printing

Turn your presentation into a video

Use email to send a presentation or a link to a presentation

Use Slide Libraries to share and reuse PowerPoint 2010 slide content

What is Presenter View?

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