Check for accessibility issues

Like the spelling checker tells you about possible spelling errors, Accessibility Checker in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint tells you about possible accessibility issues in your Office file so you can fix these issues so someone with a disability can read and get to your content.

Use the Accessibility Checker

  1. Click File > Info.
  2. If the Accessibility Checker sees any potential issues, you will see a message next to the Check for Issues button.

Inspect Document in Word 2013

  1. To view and repair the issues in your file, click Check for Issues > Check Accessibility.

Check Accessibility command in Word 2013

Your file reappears, and the Accessibility Checker task pane shows the inspection results.

Accessibility Checker task pane showing results of Accessibility Check

  1. Click a specific issue to see Additional Information and steps you can take to change the content.

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Learn about Accessibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker checks your file against a set of possible issues for people who have disabilities might experience in your file. Each issue is classified as an Error, Warning, or Tip.

  • Error    An error is for content that makes a file very difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to understand.
  • Warning    A warning is for content that in most, but not all, cases makes a file difficult for people with disabilities to understand.
  • Tip    A tip is for content that people with disabilities can understand, but that might be better organized or presented in a way that would improve their experience.

Fixing some issues might require you to change, reformat, or update your content.

Accessibility Checker also lets you know about Office features you can use to make your content more accessible.

For detailed explanations of the issues the Accessibility Checker looks for, see Rules used by the Accessibility Checker.

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