Add color and design to my slides

You’re not a professional designer but you want your presentation to look like you are – ‘themes’ do all that for you – you just pick one and go!

When you open PowerPoint, you’ll see the built-in, colorful slide designs (known as ‘themes’) that you can apply to your presentations.

  1. Pick a theme.


 Tip    These built-in themes are great for widescreen (16:9) and standard screen (4:3) presentations. To change the screen size, see Change the slide size to standard or widescreen.

  1. Choose a color variation, and then click Create.

Pick a theme

If you change your mind, you can always change the theme or variant later on the Design tab.

Here’s how:

  1. On the Design tab, pick a theme with the colors, fonts, and effects that you like.

 Tip    To preview how the current slide looks with a theme applied, rest your pointer over the thumbnail of each theme.

  1. To apply a different color variation of a particular theme, in the Variants group, pick a variant.
Design tab: themes with variants

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