Keep a calendar and your appointments and meetings always in view

You don’t have to switch to Calendar to see your upcoming appointments and meetings. Pin the Calendar peek to any view in Outlook.

  1. The Calendar peek appears on the Navigation Bar (Navigation Bar: Commands at the bottom of the Outlook window that enable you to quickly navigate to Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks.), when you point and pause over Calendar.
  2. To keep the Calendar peek always in view, click Pin the peek button to dock it to the right edge of the Outlook window.

Calendar peek

To remove a Calendar peek from the Outlook window, click Remove the peek button.

Remove the peek command on the pinned Calendar peek

If you dock or close the docked Calendar peek in one view, such as Mail, Calendar, People, or Tasks, it doesn’t add or remove it from the others.

The calendar is more than a display of the current calendar month. It also allows you to jump to a different date and see any appointments and meetings for that date.

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