Use Office 365 on your Android phone

If you’re new to Office 365 for Business, these downloadable guides offer useful tips to help you set up and then use your Android phone to access email, instant messaging, Office documents, and other Office 365 services from your Android phone.

Android phone Quick Start Guides

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Frequently asked questions

How do I view these Android phone Quick Start Guides?

If you’re using Windows 8 Choosing Download Guide opens the guide directly in the Windows 8 Reader app, where you can view it, print it out, and save it for later reference.

If you’re using Windows 7 or earlier Before you can view the guide, you’ll need to download and install the free Adobe Reader app. If you’ve already done this and are having trouble displaying the guide in your browser, try this instead:

  1. Right-click or touch and hold the Download Guide button, and then click Save target as (on some browsers this is called Save link as).
  2. Save the PDF file to your desktop, and then open it in your PDF reader.

How do I log in to the Office 365 for Business portal?

You can use the browser on your device and go to Office 365 sign-in ( and sign in with your Office 365 user ID and password.

How do I set up POP or IMAP email on my device?

You can find details for setting up POP or IMAP, and the server name for SMTP in Set up email on an Android phone or tablet.

Is there an Outlook app for my Android phone?

Currently, there is no Outlook app for Android phones. However, you can still access your Office 365 email by adding your Office 365 User ID to the email settings on your phone, see Set up email on an Android phone or tablet.

You can also sign in to the Outlook Web App using your phone’s browser. Simply Sign in to Office 365 ( with your Office 365 user ID and password.

How do I view Office documents on my Android tablet?

There is currently no Office Mobile app for Android tablets and viewing Office Online documents on an Android tablet is not supported. However, if you have an Android phone and a valid Office 365 subscription you can download Office Mobile for Android phones.

You can also use your Android phone’s browser to view Office documents with Office Online. For more information, see Use Office Online on your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone. For a list of supported browsers, see Office Online browser support.

What are the system requirements for installing OneNote or Office Mobile on my Android phone?

For more information on what you need to install OneNote and Office Mobile, see System Requirements for OneNote and Office Mobile for Android Phones.

How do I use Lync on my device?

For more details on using Lync on your Android phone, or to troubleshoot sign in issues, see Microsoft Lync 2013 for Mobile Clients.

How do I view documents on SharePoint team sites or OneDrive for Business?

You can open SharePoint Online sites and your OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) library on your Android phone by typing the URL for the site in your device’s browser. For more information, see Open a SharePoint Online site on an Android device.

You can also view SharePoint Online team sites and OneDrive for Business on your device’s browser. See, Open a SharePoint Online site on an Android device.

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