Office 2010 Migration Guides

The first time you see a new version of a product, you’ll have questions. To help you get started, we created short migration guides that provide answers to common questions about making the transition to Office 2010 programs. These guides are particularly suitable if you’re converting from Office 2003, but a lot of the information is just as relevant if you’re switching from other versions.

Click a link or an image below, and the guide opens as a PDF file in Adobe Reader. You can then view the guide, print it out, or save it for later use.

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In addition to the migration guides, we also offer menu-to-ribbon interactive guides, which let you point to specific menus, toolbars, and commands in Office 2003 to see where they are in Office 2010. For a more comprehensive list of all menu and toolbar commands and their new locations, you can download and open the menu-to-ribbon reference workbook for your product. If you prefer a training course, you can take one of the Make the Switch courses on

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