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Mavenlink is the premier online workplace for companies of all types and sizes to conduct business with each other on the web. It provides businesses with the first complete online project management and collaboration platform tailored to inter-company collaboration and a distributed workforce. Mavenlink is the top-installed application across all categories in the Google and Intuit marketplaces. Built on a robust collaboration infrastructure, the Mavenlink platform manages the entire life cycle of project-based relationships including, project & team management, messaging & conversations, time & expenses, invoicing & online payments, file management, and financial reporting. The result is dramatically improved productivity, reduction in management overhead, and increased profits. The platform is also easy to implement and use, characteristics that are imperative for international, inter-company adoption. With Microsoft Office, Mavenlink is embedding a task pane that brings all platform capabilities to the user's Office environment. This allows users to collaborate directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, manage project tasks while in documents, track time spent working on a file or project and record hours in Mavenlink, and many more common tasks. This embedding improves project efficiency and workflow and is ideal for IT departments, professional services providers, marketing agencies, legal professionals, and numerous other verticals.

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