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Get to know Word 2007 III: Make documents look great

Click Play to view an animation showing how to change the look of an entire document by using Quick Style sets.

The press release is in good shape. It has a title and headings, bold formatting with a different font color to call out the net income, and a nicely formatted list.

As a last step, take a look at Quick Style sets. These are sets of styles that can dramatically change the look of the entire document with one click. Each set includes styles for different heading levels, body text, quotes, and titles, all designed to work together.

The Quick Style sets, while changing the look of the document, do not change the type of formatting or styles already applied. For example, a title style will be replaced by a title style; it will not be replaced by, say, a Heading 1 style.

To see how your document would look with a Quick Style set, on the Home tab, in the Styles group, click Change Styles, and then click Style Set.

Move your pointer over the styles in the list. As the pointer rests on each style set in the list, you can see the changes in the document. If you see a set that you like, click it. For example, you could try the Modern set for this press release.

In the practice you'll try this out, and you'll see how to change the colors and fonts in a style set with one-click selections.

Tip     If you apply different colors and fonts to a Quick Style set, you can reuse your changes again and again by saving them as your own Quick Style set. And if you’d like to make a Quick Style set the style for all your new documents, you can do that too. See how in the Quick Reference Card.

Click Play to see how to use Quick Style sets.

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