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Get to know Word 2007 II: Edit text and revise your documents

Insertion point being moved from second paragraph to first paragraph

Callout 1 Insertion point (vertical line) at the end of the second paragraph, in front of the paragraph mark.
Callout 2 You can move the insertion point to the first paragraph by moving the pointer and then clicking, or by using the keyboard.

Imagine, in the picture above, that you want to type a new sentence between "civilization" and "During": "Symphonies and constellations have been named for clocks."

The insertion point (a vertical line) is at the end of the second paragraph, after the word "assistance." To type where you want to, you need to move the insertion point. There are different ways to move it.

  • With your mouse, move the pointer just to the left of "During," and then click to insert the insertion point. Once you start typing, the existing text moves to the right as you enter the new sentence.


  • Press the UP ARROW key Up Arrow on your keyboard to move the insertion point up one line at a time. Then press the LEFT ARROW key Left Arrow to move the insertion point left, one character at a time. Or press CTRL+LEFT ARROW to move left one word at a time.

To get a list of the keys you can use to move around the page, see the Quick Reference Card at the end of the course.

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