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Create a Managed Metadata column
Article A Managed Metadata column is a new column type that can be added to lists, libraries, or content types to enable site users to select values from a specific ter...
SharePoint Server 2010
Create, change, or delete a column in a list or library
Article Columns help you group, categorize, and track information, such as the department name or project number. From a browser, you have many options for the type of ...
SharePoint Foundation 2010 , SharePoint Server 2010
Create a managed metadata column
Article Learn how to use a metadata column to control the values that users can enter in a cololumn on a SharePoint list or library.
SharePoint admin center, SharePoint Online Enterprise (E1)...
Site column types and options
Article Show All Hide All A column type determines how data is stored and displayed in a list or library. You choose a column type when you create a column, and the typ...
SharePoint Server 2010
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