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Up to speed with Word 2007

The Format Painter command in the Clipboard group on the Home tab

The Format Painter is located on the Home tab, Clipboard group.

Another high-speed formatting command is Format Painter. It's on the very left of the Home tab, in the Clipboard group. In case you're not familiar with the Format Painter, it's a quick way of duplicating formatting from one section of text to another.

To use the Format Painter, place the cursor in the text whose format you want to copy and then click the Format Painter button. If you have more than one place to paint your formatting, make sure you double-click the Format Painter to get it to stay on. Then select the text that you want to paint on the new format.

To turn it off, you click the button again, or press ESC.

You'll get a chance to try this out in the practice session that's coming up.

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