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Up to speed with Excel 2007

Clicking the Font Color button in the Font group to change font color

Format data and edit data by using commands in groups on the Home tab.

The column titles will stand out better if they are in bold type. You select the row with the titles and then, on the Home tab, in the Font group, you click Bold.

While the titles are still selected, you decide to change their color and their size, to make them stand out even more.

In the Font group, you click the arrow on Font Color, and you see many more colors to choose from than before in Excel. You can see how the title will look in different colors by pointing at any color and waiting a moment. This preview means that you don't have to make a selection to see the color, then undo your selection if it's not what you want. When you see a color you like, click it.

To change the font size, you can either click the Increase Font Size button Button image, or you can click the arrow beside the Font Size box to see a list of sizes (this method gives you the same live preview as for font colors).

While the titles are still selected, you decide to center them in the cells. In the Alignment group, you click the Center button Button image, and that's done.

Finally, you find that you need to enter one more order for Louisiana Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce. So you select that product name, and in the Clipboard group, you click the Copy button Button image. Then you click in the bottom row, and in the Clipboard group again, you click the Paste button Button image.

In the practice you'll see how to use Cell Styles in the Style group to add some other quick formatting.

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