Microsoft Office Online Worldwide experience

Microsoft Office Online consists of a number of international sites containing appropriate content for the language or locale of each Web site. The Microsoft Office Online language settings is all about making your Web experience as flexible and open as possible. Wherever you are, you can visit any of our international Microsoft Office Online sites.

The Office Worldwide page

On the Office Worldwide page, you can change the language and locale settings for your Microsoft Office Online site to display content in another language or content appropriate to another language or locale.

To change your language and locale settings

  1. Look for the globe icon and your country/region in grey text in the top left corner of any home page and click to go to the Office Worldwide page.

    Link to Office Worldwide page
  2. On the Office Worldwide page, select a country/region from the drop-down list to change the language and content on the site. To make this change permanent, click the Remember this selection box.

 Note   If there is a difference between your Internet browser language settings and the language of the current Microsoft Office Online Web site, the Office Worldwide page identifies all available sites in both languages to ensure that you can find your original site in the list.

Worldwide page screenshot: (c) Microsoft