Writing a press release

Communicating with the press is a key responsibility of marketing communications managers. Press releases are one of the most powerful tools that you have in your communications repertoire — and they're cost effective.

Writing an effective press release is not difficult, but it's important that your press release gets the attention your company wants. Your press releases should include content that editors are looking for and use the formatting that editors expect. To ensure that your target audience sees your press releases, make sure to distribute your press releases to the right people — editors who write for your audience.

All of your company's press releases should include consistent elements such as contact and company information. You can use the document protection features in Microsoft Office Word 2003 to protect certain parts of your company's press releases so that they all use similar styles and include the same key elements.

Press releases that you send to the media must contain no hidden metadata such as comments or tracked changes. The last thing you want is for your press releases to reveal sensitive information. You can use the Remove Hidden Data add-in for Office 2003/XP to remove hidden metadata.

Use the following information and tools to create press releases that communicate your company's news.

Applies to:
Word 2003