Word 2003 training courses

A roadmap to Word 2003 training:

1. First words

Course What you'll learn
Audio course: Get to know Word: Create your first document How to type text and save your work, how to edit text and revise your documents, and how to add basic formatting
So that's how! Great Word features How to use the new reading layout view, how to manipulate the horizontal ruler, how to work with the word count feature, and more
Customize keyboard shortcuts in Word How to create keyboard shortcuts, and how to save customized toolbars and menus in Word
Protect Word documents How to limit access to your documents, how to control who can change a document, and how to remove hidden information from a document

2. Track changes

Course What you'll learn
Audio course: Revise documents with Track Changes and comments How to turn Track Changes on and off, how to see changes and comments the way you like, and how to accept or reject or delete them

3. A picture is worth a thousand words

Course What you'll learn
Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects How to add watermarks, backgrounds, borders, shading, text animations, and other graphical effects to a document
Audio course: Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects All that, read aloud
Add graphics and keep them where you want them How to insert, position, group, and align graphics of several types in a document

4. All about tables

Course What you'll learn
Tables I: Create and format basic tables How to add a table to your document, add content to the table, edit the table's structure, and format the table and its content
Tables II: Use tables to simplify complex page layouts How to use tables to quickly create complex page layouts, how to nest one table inside another, and how to edit and troubleshoot tables more easily
Tables III: Manage financial tables and tables from Excel and the Web How to format tables copied from Excel or from the Web, and how to format financial tables, including decimal alignment

5. Add headers and footers

Course What you'll learn
Headers and footers, simple to elaborate How to add, edit, and delete headers and footers such as page numbers for a document or for document sections
Create footnotes and endnotes How to add, customize, and delete footnotes and endnotes, and how to decide which type to use

6. Create a Table of Contents

Course What you'll learn
Table of Contents I: Create a basic TOC How to build a table of contents from information in your document
Table of Contents II: Advanced TOCs, long documents, and other tables How to create long, complex, multiple tables of contents and other reference tables

7. Outlined and stylish

Course What you'll learn
Create a document outline How to create and reorganize an outline, how to move items up and down in an outline, how to expand and collapse outline sections, and how to view a document in outline form
Format your document with styles How to reduce keystrokes and format text consistently by creating, modifying, and applying styles

8. Mail merge

Course What you'll learn
Use mail merge for mass mailings and more How to use mail merge for mass mailings and to create personalized documents
Create individual envelopes and labels How to create a few envelopes or a set of labels without using mail merge
Prepare for the holidays: Write and send a newsletter with Word How to create a friendly holiday newsletter and holiday decorations

9. The ABCs of XML for Word

Course What you'll learn
Introduction to XML in Word How to use Word features that give documents the power of XML data

Note     You can also download shorter PowerPoint versions of some courses, or you can download the Quick Reference Cards that summarize each course.

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