When I click a picture, the Drawing Tools tab rather than the Picture Tools tab appears

If you are looking for the Drawing toolbar, see What happened to the Drawing toolbar?


When you click a picture, the Drawing Tools tab, rather than the Picture Tools tab, appears above the Format tab.

 Note   If you do not see either the Picture Tools or Drawing Tools tabs, make sure that you selected a picture, shape, or other object (object: A table, chart, graphic, equation, or other form of information. Objects created in one application, for example spreadsheets, and linked or embedded in another application are OLE objects.).


The picture is not treated as a picture because it is most likely an image with a drawing type of format (such as a vector graphic (vector graphics: The representation of graphic objects such as lines, arcs, and squares by using geometrical formulas. By contrast, bitmapped graphics (also called raster graphics) are stored as a collection of pixels.)) or an embedded object (embedded object: Information (object) contained in a source file and inserted into a destination file. Once embedded, the object becomes part of the destination file. Changes you make to the embedded object are reflected in the destination file.).

Common file name extensions for vector graphics are .wmf (Windows Metafile Format (WMF): A vector graphics format for Windows-compatible computers used mostly as a clip art format in word-processing documents.), .emf, and .eps. Also, most clip art (clip art: A single piece of ready-made art, often appearing as a bitmap or a combination of drawn shapes.) (other than clip art in the Photographs media type) is in vector graphic format.

You may also experience this problem if you haven't correctly selected your picture, or if your document was created in Office 2003 and you're using Office 2007 in Compatibility Mode.


Try one or more of the following:


Applies to:
Excel 2007, Outlook 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Word 2007