Watch this: Record, edit, and run a macro in Word 2007

Are there repetitive actions that you perform frequently and want to simplify? Need one button that will perform the actions of four or five different buttons? A macro can be a powerful tool, but it takes a bit of familiarity with Word 2007 to set one up and make it work for you. Watch these videos for some help creating, editing, and running a macro.

Prepare to record

Word Options dialog box Play Demo Demo button

See how to enable the Developer tab and prepare to record a macro.

Record, pause, save, and run

Recording macro in Word Play Demo Demo button

See how to record a macro while pausing and resuming, and then save and run the results.

Edit the macro

Microsoft Visual Basic Editor Play Demo Demo button

Watch as a macro is edited in Microsoft Visual Basic and saved.

Assign a button or keyboard shortcut

Customize keyboard dialog box Play Demo Demo button

Assign a button or a keyboard shortcut to an existing macro.

How to do it (text version): Record or run a macro.

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Applies to:
Word 2007