Use clip art to make Valentine's Day greetings

Applies to
Microsoft Office Publisher 2003
Clip Art and Media site on Office Online

Sure, you can go to the store and purchase a run-of-the-mill Valentine's Day card, but what better way to show someone you care than by creating a personalized greeting? Let's walk through a simple and economic way to make your own Valentine's Day greetings.

Make a Valentine's Day card

Let's create a card. There are a number of Valentine's Day templates to choose from on Office Online. If you find one you like, you can print it, sign it, and, voilà — you're done! You have an instant Valentine's Day card, sure to be a pleaser.

But what if you want to make your own card with personal touches? Let's make one from scratch in Publisher.

Step 1: Choose the predesigned publication and layout

  1. Start Publisher. In the New Publication task pane, click Publications for Print, click Greeting Cards, and then click Valentine's Day.
  2. Scroll through the pre-designed greeting card publications on the right. Select any one you want, as we'll soon customize it. In this example, we're using Valentine's Day Card 11.
  3. In the Greeting Cards Options task pane, under Design, click the option that allows you to modify the layout and appearance of the original design. In this example, we'll use Art Bit.

 Note   Some card designs, such as the Fading Frame and Tipped Title designs, are set up for only one layout option. If you choose one of these designs, the layout options displayed under Design in the Greeting Card Options task pane will not be available.

  1. Click Page Options, and then choose the card size and fold style you want under Size and Fold.
  2. Click Color Schemes, and then choose your color scheme.
  3. Click Font Schemes, and then choose your font scheme.
  4. When your greeting card looks the way you want, save the file.

Step 2: Choose the right clip art

Next, let's change the clip art on this card. Nice heart, but let's delete it and find another clip.

Publisher greeting card template

Visit the Clip Art and Media site to search for images of valentines, hearts, flowers, and more.

Clip Art and Media search for "valentines"

Now you've found the clip you want to use. It's lovely. Let's copy and paste the clip into the Valentine's Day template.

Step 3: Copy and paste clip art from the Web into your document

  1. On the Clip Art and Media search results page, click on Copy to Clipboard for the clip you want to copy.
  2. Go to your Publisher Valentine's Day template. On the Edit menu, click Paste.

Publisher greeting card template

The clip is now on the template, but it needs to be resized and positioned. You can experiment with rotating the clip.

Rotate a clip

Or, make it part of the background by washing it out.

Washout a clip

To learn how to rotate or wash out clips, see the related links section of this article.

Make Valentine's Day stickers

Congratulations, you've just customized your own Valentine's Day card. To complete your newly-created masterpiece, how about making stickers for the envelope? You can find templates of ready-made Valentine's Day stickers and labels, or make your own using Word templates.

Valentine's Day stickers

Use clip art and your own creativity to make something special this Valentine's Day.

Applies to:
Publisher 2003, Word 2003