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Format your document with styles

Clear Formatting command used to clear italic type

Callout 1 To clear a character style or format, select the word or words.
Callout 2 Then click Clear Formatting.

In the first practice session, you used the Clear Formatting command to remove both a heading (paragraph) style and a character style from your document. This command shows up in most views in the Styles and Formatting task pane list.

The Clear Formatting command will also remove direct formatting—anything you've applied with buttons or dialog box options.

Some rules for using Clear Formatting:

  • To undo character formatting or a character style, select the text you want to change, and then click Clear Formatting.
  • To undo paragraph formatting or a paragraph style, click in the paragraph or select the whole thing (you don't need to include the paragraph mark), and click Clear Formatting.

Caution    If you've applied a direct paragraph format, such as center alignment, to a paragraph, and you then select the whole paragraph to undo a character format that you've also applied to the whole paragraph, such as bold, Clear Formatting will undo the direct paragraph formatting as well as the character formatting.

  • To undo JUST the character formatting without undoing the direct paragraph formatting, select the whole paragraph and press CTRL+SPACEBAR.
  • To undo JUST the direct paragraph formatting, click in or select the whole paragraph and press CTRL+Q.
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