Troubleshoot captions

ShowI can't find the Caption command.

  • On the Insert menu, point to Reference, and then click Caption.

ShowI want to turn off automatic numbering for tables, figures, or other items.

You need to turn off the AutoCaption feature. On the Insert menu, point to Reference, and then click Caption. Click AutoCaption, and then clear the check boxes for the items you don't want to be numbered automatically.

ShowI see {SEQ TABLE \* ARABIC} instead of the caption.

ShowI selected the Include chapter number check box, but chapter numbers aren't included in captions.

Chapter headings may not be formatted with the correct heading styles. On the Format menu, click Bullets and Numbering, and then click the Outline Numbered tab. Click a numbering format that contains the text "Heading 1," or "Chapter 1," and so on, and then click OK.

ShowI see "Error! No text of specified style in document."

Chapter numbers may be turned on in the Caption Numbering dialog box. On the Insert menu, point to Reference, and then click Caption. Click Numbering, and then clear the Include chapter number check box.

ShowI don't want labels in my captions.

To prevent Microsoft Word from adding a label to a caption, select the Exclude label from caption check box in the Caption dialog box.

Captions aren't numbered correctly

ShowIf you edited, deleted, or moved captions.

Caption numbers in the rest of the document might be out of sequence. You should manually update the captions. Select a specific caption or an entire document, right-click the selection, and then click Update Field on the shortcut menu (shortcut menu: A menu that shows a list of commands relevant to a particular item. To display a shortcut menu, right-click an item or press SHIFT+F10.).

ShowIf you used text boxes to insert captions.

Caption numbers might be duplicated or out of sequence. This is because you can anchor only one text box (text box: A movable, resizable container for text or graphics. Use text boxes to position several blocks of text on a page or to give text a different orientation from other text in the document.) to a specific paragraph.

If necessary, move multiple captions into separate text boxes, move each text box anchor to a separate paragraph, or unlink the text boxes. Then manually update the captions.

ShowIf you grouped a caption with a floating object.

Ungroup the caption and the object and then manually update the captions.

Applies to:
Word 2003