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Get control of page numbers, headers, and footers

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

Which tab, besides the Header and Footer Tools Design tab, has the Page Number, Header, and Footer galleries, Quick Parts, and the Date & Time command?

Home tab

Insert tab.

Page Layout tab

What’s a main benefit of using a gallery style to apply a page number, header, or footer?

It lets you type in text of your own.

It will set up your headers and footers for odd- and even-facing pages.

It supplies the content and design of the header or footer.

If I’m building header and footer content myself and I want to open the Field dialog box, what command do I start with?


Quick Parts.

Page Number.

When I’m inserting content into a header or footer, I need to position the cursor where I want the content to go, on the left, centered, or right. What’s the best command or key to use?

Insert Alignment Tab.

Align command.

TAB key.

If I’ve inserted art into a header and I want to move it around outside the text line, what menu should I look for?


Artistic Effects.

Wrap Text.

To create varying headers and footers between document sections, I need to insert section breaks, and then what do I need to do?

Select the Different First Page command.

Break the links between sections.

Select the Different Odd and Even Pages command.

True or false: The “remove” command on the Page Number, Header, and Footer galleries tends to work best for content that was added using a gallery style.



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