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Mail merge II: Use the Ribbon and perform a complex mail merge

Inserting If...Then...Else rule in mail merge

Adding a field from the Rules command.

The Rules command offers a number of popular Word fields that you can use to add special capability to your main document.

For example, one field is If...Then...Else..., which does one of two things, depending upon the condition that you specify. This is how you can insert "she" versus "he" in a sentence by using a Title (Ms or Mr) column from your recipient list. Or you can print a company address if there is information in the Company column of the recipient list, but print the home address instead if Company column is blank for any recipient.

Another field is Merge Record #, which will print a unique number in a merged document. The number is in sequential order according to the recipients in your list.

To add a field from the Rules command, you:

Callout 1 Place the cursor where you want the field to be located in the main document.
Callout 2 Click Rules in the Write & Insert Fields group and then click the field that you want to include in the document.

You'll get to try out these fields in the practice at the end of the lesson.

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