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Tables II: Table Tricks

Repeat Header Row command causes your  table heading to repeat across pages.

Repeat your headings and sort.

You already know a table is made up of cells, rows and columns. But have you learned about heading rows?

A heading, or header, identifies the type of data in each column. If one column contains a company name, that column heading might be Company or Company Name. That column heading becomes part of the heading row. Not all tables need heading rows.

If your table extends past a page, it's easy to add a heading that shows at the top of each page. Select your heading row and then click Repeat Header Rows in the Data group of the Layout tab. This heading row shows in Print Layout view or when you print.

In a table, you can enter information in any order and then sort by any column. Click Sort in the Data group of the Layout tab. If you have headings in your table, you pick the headings to sort by. If you don't have headings, you can sort by columns, numbered from left to right. Don't worry if this doesn't make sense: you'll get the chance to sort a table in the practice.

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