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Tables I: Create and format basic tables

Table menu, AutoFit submenu

To change the AutoFit setting, start with your insertion point anywhere in the table. Then, on the Table menu, point to AutoFit, and then click either AutoFit to Contents, AutoFit to Window, or Fixed Column Width.

By default, new Word tables are set to automatically fit between the margins — that setting is called AutoFit to Window. When a table has this setting, the size of the columns will automatically adjust to accommodate any content you add to the table, in order to keep the table within the margins.

To keep column widths from changing to accommodate table content, or to fit the table to its content, use the appropriate AutoFit setting, shown in the illustration.

Distribute columns or rows evenly

Also included in the AutoFit options are the options to Distribute Columns Evenly and Distribute Rows Evenly.

Distributing columns evenly is a terrific timesaver when you need contiguous columns to be exactly the same width. To use this feature, just select the columns to distribute and, on the Table menu, point to AutoFit, and then click Distribute Columns Evenly.

Caution     Be careful using this feature on table rows, as it will automatically set the row height for any rows included in the distribution — which may cause table rows not to adjust to changes in the content, as mentioned earlier in this lesson.

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