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Table of Contents I: Create a basic TOC

Document in outline view

A document in outline view.

If you're drafting a document, sketching out ideas, and moving text around, creating a document outline is a great way to organize your ideas and plan your content. You can also create your table of contents without any extra effort because the text you want in the TOC will already be marked up with the outline levels.

A document outline is also helpful when you want the text marked for inclusion in the TOC to have no formatting at all. Although outline levels are tied to built-in heading styles (Word will format a Level 1 outline entry with a built-in Heading 1 style), this formatting is easy to remove. You'll get to try this in the practice session.

Note   ¬†Clear the Outline levels check box in the Table of Contents Options dialog box to exclude any text marked with document outline levels from inclusion in the TOC.

For more information about outline levels, see Create a document outline.

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