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Bullets, numbers, and lists

So you've entered the last item in your list. How do you now finish the list and stop the bullets or numbers appearing? Click Play to see an animation of what you can do.

The easiest way to stop creating a list is to press ENTER twice. Every time you press ENTER at the end of the list you get a new bullet or number, but if you press ENTER again, the last bullet or number disappears and you're ready to start a new paragraph on a new line.

If you need something slightly different, for example if you're in the middle of a list and you want to type some text under your bullet that's indented at the same level as the text above, use the BACKSPACE key. This removes the bullet but keeps the text indent identical. If you want the new text aligned under the bullet itself rather than in line with the text above, press BACKSPACE again. Finally to get out of the list indentation completely, press BACKSPACE again.

Note     It's possible to change the default list indent so that the bullet or number is at the page margin (you'll find out how later on); in that case, pressing BACKSPACE twice (rather than three times) gets you out of the list.

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