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Headers and footers: From basic to elaborate

Header area of a document with the insertion point halfway through a title

Add text to a document by typing directly into the header or footer area.

As mentioned earlier, adding information to your headers and footers is a simple process. You can manually enter static text—that is, text that doesn't change with the document—by typing it in the header or footer area. For example, you could manually enter the document title, author, or creation date.

But there are other instances where it's much better to use the Headers and Footers toolbar to have Word enter information that changes with the document (dynamic text), such as page numbers. Typing in page numbers at the bottom of each page means that you would have to insert a number in each page's header or footer. If you reorganized the document or deleted pages, you would have to manually change the numbers of many pages.

Read on to find out more about using the automatic page numbering features in Word.

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