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Decorate documents with backgrounds, borders, and text effects

Three examples of text effects

While font style and color do a lot to give impact to text, you can add a little more to the look with different effects.

The picture shows you examples.

Callout 1 The first has an embossing effect, which makes the text look raised off the page.
Callout 2 The second has an outline effect, which removes the solid color fill in the text.
Callout 3 The last example uses an engraving effect, which makes text look pressed into the page.

These three effects — embossing, outlining, and engraving — plus shadowing (not shown in the picture) can be used to make a simple heading look more like a logo. They have more impact on bigger font sizes, sometimes they're enhanced by bold or italic formatting, and they're best used sparingly.

You'll work with these effects in the practice session.

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