Show or hide comments or tracked changes

To quickly display tracked changes (tracked change: A mark that shows where a deletion, insertion, or other editing change has been made in a document.) or comments (comment: A note or annotation that an author or reviewer adds to a document. Microsoft Word displays the comment in a balloon in the margin of the document or in the Reviewing Pane.), click Markup on the View menu.

 Note   Clicking Markup on the View menu will display or hide all of the markup (markup: Comments and tracked changes such as insertions, deletions, and formatting changes. View markup when you want to process tracked changes and comments. Print a document with markup to keep a record of changes made to a document.) for selected reviewers in the document. When you display all markup, all types of markup will be selected on the Show menu.

ShowHide tracked changes and comments when printing

  1. On the File menu, click Print.
  2. In the Print what box, select Document (rather than Document showing markup).
  3. Click OK.

ShowView by type or reviewer

  1. If the Reviewing toolbar (toolbar: A bar with buttons and options that you use to carry out commands. To display a toolbar, press ALT and then SHIFT+F10.) is hidden, display it.


  1. On the Reviewing toolbar, click Show.
  2. Do any of the following:

ShowShow a specific type of change

  • Select the type of change that you want to display.

ShowShow changes and comments for specific reviewers

  • Point to Reviewers, and then clear all check boxes except the ones next to the names of the reviewers whose changes and comments you want to show.

To select or clear all check boxes for all reviewers in the list, click All Reviewers.

 Note    If you hide a type of markup by clearing it on the Show menu, the markup automatically appears each time the document is opened unless you clear the Make hidden markup visible when opening or saving check box on the Security tab of the Options dialog box (Tools menu). Even if you clear this check box, the markup is still in the document and can be revealed by selecting the type of markup on the Show menu.

ShowDisplay for an editor or other reviewer

ShowDisplay for an author

 Note   If you want to see comments and tracked changes in balloons (balloons: In print layout view or Web layout view, markup balloons show markup elements, such as comments and tracked changes, in the margins of your document. Use these balloons to easily see and respond to reviewers' changes and comments.), you must be in print layout view (Print Layout view: A view of a document or other object as it will appear when you print it. For example, items such as headers, footnotes, columns, and text boxes appear in their actual positions.) or Web layout view (Web Layout view: A view of a document as it will appear in a Web browser. For example, the document appears as one long page (without page breaks) and text and tables wrap to fit in the window.).

Applies to:
Word 2003