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Mail merge I: Use mail merge for mass mailings

Select document type in mail merge wizard

Click Envelope options in Step 2 of the wizard to choose the size and the print options for your envelope.

The second step in the wizard is to set up the starting document. You may be sending a direct mail letter, or an e-mail message, or perhaps you want to start with envelopes and labels. Or you may want to create a directory to store listings of data, such as customer names and addresses, product information, and personnel contact data.

The options you see in the wizard vary according to the type of document you selected in the first step. Because we selected envelopes, the options are:

Change document layout This option is selected because a blank document was open when you started the wizard. You want to change the open blank document to an envelope document. Click Envelope options and choose the envelope size and other options you want, and then the envelope document replaces the blank document.

Start from existing document If you have a previously saved envelope that you want to use for the mail merge, but your screen currently has a blank document open, select this option to replace the blank document with your envelope.

Note     The Use the current document is not available when you start with a blank document. Current document means the document currently open on your screen. If you had first opened an envelope document and then started the wizard, you could use this option.

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