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Tables I: Create and format basic tables

Table menu, Select submenu

Many options on the Table menu are available only when your insertion point is inside a table.

When you want to copy or move a table, or perform a variety of easy editing and formatting tasks that you'll learn in this course, you first have to select the table (or the part of the table that you want to format).

To select part or all of a table, place your insertion point anywhere in the table, cell, row, or column that you want to select. Then, on the Table menu, point to Select and then click Table, Column, Row, or Cell as needed.

You can also select cells, rows, columns, or an entire table by pressing SHIFT plus the arrow keys (for example, SHIFT+LEFT ARROW) or by clicking and dragging with your mouse, just as you can to select text.

Getting around in your table is just as easy. Just click in any cell. If you prefer using the keyboard, press TAB to move forward one cell at a time and SHIFT+TAB to move backward one cell at a time. You can also use the arrow keys to move throughout the table.

Tip     When you press TAB from the last cell in the last row of the table, a new row will automatically be created.

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