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Revise documents with Track Changes and Comments in Word 2007

Deleted text balloons in document margin; inserted text in document

Callout 1 Deleted text in a balloon in the margin.
Callout 2 Inserted text underlined in the same color as the deleted text balloon.
Callout 3 Vertical lines in the left margin indicate changes in lines where text was deleted and inserted.

After you turn Track Changes on, work in Word as you normally do. As you insert or delete text, or move text or graphics around, each change appears with markup, marks such as colors and lines that show where each revision is and what it is.

You delete the text "with hard work and clear thinking." The deleted text is put in a balloon in the document margin. It says "Deleted" in the balloon to make it clear why the text is in the balloon. A dotted line leads from where the text was deleted to the balloon, so that everyone can see the location the text was deleted from.

You want to replace "twelve" with "nine." You select "twelve" and type "nine" over it (or just delete "twelve" and then type "nine"). "Twelve," which is deleted, goes into a balloon in the document margin. "Nine," the newly inserted text, is underlined and shown in the same color as the border around the deleted text balloon, indicating that the same reviewer (you) both deleted and inserted text. You'll see more about markup color later in the lesson.

In addition, a vertical line appears in the left margin next to each sentence with tracked changes. This is an additional signal that there are changes in some sentences.

Tip     If you prefer, deleted text can remain within the text instead of being put in a balloon in the document margin. You'll see how in the practice.

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