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Tables II: Table Tricks

Other tabs in the Table Properties box

The Table Property box has other tabs for formatting columns, rows, and cells.

Besides the Table tab, the Table Properties box has three other tabs for formatting columns, rows, and cells. Use these tabs to quickly resize a row or column to a specific measurement, or to easily resize several rows or columns.

On the Column tab, you can set column width by choosing a specific measurement using your default unit of measurement or as a percentage of your table size. For instance, if you want a three-inch column in a table that measures six inches across, you can either enter 3 and choose Measure in inches (if inches are your default measurement setting) or you can enter 50 and choose Measure in Percent. Click Next Column or Previous Column to resize other columns without exiting the dialog box.

On the Row tab, select the Specify height check box and then enter the height you want. In the Row height is box, select Exactly if you want exactly that height, or At least if you want the height to grow taller if the content requires.

On the Cell tab, you also can choose the default cell width in either the default unit of measurement or percentage of the entire table. You can also choose vertical alignment. The Options button on this tab allows you to choose cell margins that are different from the table's margins.

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