Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages

When you work with a very long table (table: One or more rows of cells commonly used to display numbers and other items for quick reference and analysis. Items in a table are organized into rows and columns.), it must be divided where a page break (page break: The point at which one page ends and another begins. Microsoft Word inserts an "automatic" (or soft) page break for you, or you can force a page break at a specific location by inserting a "manual" (or hard) page break.) occurs. You can make adjustments to the table to make sure than the information appears as you want it to when the table spans multiple pages.

Repeated table headings are visible only in print layout view (Print Layout view: A view of a document or other object as it will appear when you print it. For example, items such as headers, footnotes, columns, and text boxes appear in their actual positions.) or when you print the document.

  1. Select the heading row or rows. The selection must include the first row of the table.
  2. On the Table menu, click Heading Rows Repeat.

 Note   Microsoft Word automatically repeats table headings on new pages that result from automatic page breaks. Word does not repeat a heading if you insert a manual page break within a table.

Applies to:
Word 2003