Remove a watermark

To remove a watermark that you inserted by using the Watermark gallery or dialog box, you can use the Remove Watermark command.

To remove a watermark that you added by inserting a picture in the header and positioning it, you can open the header and delete the picture.

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Remove a watermark

  1. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.

Office 14 Ribbon

  1. Click Remove Watermark.

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Remove a watermark that was inserted in the header

  1. Double-click the header area of your document.

The header area is active, the document body dims, and you can scroll down to see your watermark.

  1. Click the watermark to select it.
  2. Press DELETE.
  3. On the Header and Footer Tools tab, in the Close group, click Close Header and Footer to return to your document.

 Note    If your document contains multiple sections that aren’t linked, you need to remove the watermark from each section.

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Applies to:
Word 2010