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Tables II: Use tables to simplify complex page layouts

Three-column, five-row table used as page layout tool

Callout 1 Cell margins were removed from this table to maximize the available space for page content.
Callout 2 Row height was set for the row containing graphics.

One of the benefits of using a table as a page layout tool is that it enables you to fit more on the page without it looking crowded. Use table cell margins and row height to help you accomplish that easily.

  • Cell margins: By default, left and right cell margins are set to 0.08 inches (1.9mm). But, when a host table is being used to hold graphics or other tables, you might want to set cell margins to zero in order to maximize available space for your page content.
  • Row height: Set the height of host table rows when you want to identify how much of the page you are allotting to certain content. This can be particularly handy when you place a graphic in a host table cell, as the height and width of the cell can be used to help easily size your graphic.

Learn how to accomplish both of these steps in the practice session at the end of this lesson.

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