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Create a document outline

Outline entry and subentries being promoted

Callout 1 The "Benefits" entry at Level 2.
Callout 2 When "Benefits" is promoted to Level 1, its subentries are correspondingly promoted to Level 2.

Sometimes as you formulate ideas and build your outline, you realize that a sub-heading is gaining prominence in your mind, or its own set of sub-entries is growing. You might also realize the opposite, that certain high-level ideas aren't going anywhere and don't merit their current outline level.

When this occurs, you can quickly give those outline entries greater or lesser prominence, also known as "promoting" and "demoting" them:

  • You can promote or demote entries and their accompanying sub-entries. First click the plus sign Expand symbol (plus) next to the entry, and then use the Promote Button image or Demote button Button image on the Outlining toolbar. This selects the entire group (entry plus subentries), and moves everything to the left or right by one level of prominence. (For example, Level 2s become Level 1, and accompanying Level 3s become Level 2.) Body text does not change level.
  • You can also promote or demote entries without changing their sub-entries; just place the insertion point anywhere within the entry before clicking the Promote or Demote button.

If you know exactly what level you want to move the heading to, you can also select that specific level in the Outline Level list Outline level list box.

To promote an entry all the way up to Heading 1 or demote it all the way down to body text, use the Promote to Heading 1 Button image or Demote to body text button Button image on the Outlining toolbar.

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